L-50, L-250 Water Chiller

Equipped with a complete range of cooling solutions, Bonn provides answers to all your cooling-related needs

Bonn’s products are the smallest, lightest-weight and most precise devices of their kind, with an extremely high Coefficient of Performance (COP). The company’s compressor-type units use green gases and work with universal power sources. These liquid chillers are mainly intended for the laser, medical, electronic and military industries.

These simple to work and easy to install cooling units feature:

  • Rigid casing
  • Quick water coupling connections for remote heat load
  • Universal voltage can be plugged into any grid
  • Variable speed compressor for precise temperature control
  • Adjustable PWM card for water gear pump speed controls water flow and water head
  • Temperature setting on front panel controller

Water temperature may be lowered to below freezing level by adding glycol water solutions.

Bonn - Manufacturing precision cooling units for more than 25 years